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What does Oncolead do?

Oncolead offers in vitro proliferation (or cytotoxic) screening using a panel of 80+ representative cancer cell lines, plus resting (non-proliferating) peripheral blood mononuclear cells, PBMC, used to further determine the specificity of compound action.

We do only a few things, but we do them great. In addition to our standard cell screening we utilize our expertise to work with large collection of cell lines:

If you are not sure if your project is within our area of expertise, please contact us.

When should you seriously consider us?

Oncolead will work as an extension of your team with strong expertise of cellular screening and translational research.

Independently whether you are small biotech/pharma company or a university lab, Oncolead will help you to perform screening of your agents in cell lines panels. It avoids the initial investment, set-up and operation costs if it is not your core business.

Oncolead will unbind your valuable resources to focus on science and innovation. Even if you run cellular screening, by working with Oncolead, you can quickly scale up your research expertise and bandwidth.

Can you trust us with your project?

Experience. Oncolead started as CRO for large international pharmaceutical companies.

We have optimized and perfected in vitro screening with a large panel of cell lines used to test more than 10,000 compounds, including 2000 known research compounds and anticancer agents, in close cooperation with our customers.

Quality checks and data. We collected the data on large library of reference compounds and accompanying state-of-the-art analytical tools. It enables us to deliver more than a dose-response result. We ensure that our experimental results are statistically reliable. Also, comparing the activity profile of the tested compound to the reference agents has proven to provide invaluable insights into the potential mode of action, or “promiscuity” of a compound.

The identity of each cell we work with is routinely quality checked by using an STR (short tandem repeats) method to ensure that we are working with the right cell, and additional tests are performed to ensure cells are no contaminated. We implemented lean engineering and high standardization in our all processes. Wherever possible, we use automated systems e.g. Liquid handling robots. All this is done to minimize or reduce the human and handling errors, and decrease the plate-to-plate, well-to-well variance and, most important, day-to-day variations.

How fast can you deliver the results?

We deliver your results 4 weeks after the date you chose and ordered for the screening of your compounds.

How do we perform screening?

From the very beginning we closely followed the experimental procedures recommended and established in the Developmental Therapeutics Program of the NCI, commonly known as the NCI-60 panel.

In contrast to the NCI-60 panel, our panel of 80+ cell lines:

These modifications were introduced to meet the R&D needs of modern targeted anticancer therapy.

Where the areas of application for our services?

The common areas are


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